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Welcome to!

Welcome to the Bountiful Books Website where you will find books for all your school and library needs.

We offer books from over 100 publishers and will do a search for those hard to find titles for you.

We also specialize in helping public libraries find books for Summer Reading Programs.

We offer many picture books as well as puppets and plush toys to educate and excite your young patrons.

Take a look inside our website and see if we can help you find books for your library!


The Bountiful Books Reputation

If you're not already familiar with the Bountiful Books name & our reputation for excellence, please take a moment to review the three main reasons shoppers consistently choose Bountiful Books as their source for Children's Books for their libraries.

1. Save Money: Ordering Direct costs less. Our publishers sell their books at lower prices than most wholesalers and offer free shipping, processing and AR too

2. Save Time: Preview the books at your convenience in your library. You can choose from many different publishers at one time as apposed to trying to select from a myriad of catalogs. Ordering direct you can receive your books faster and 95% - 100% complete.

3. Save Work: We print your order on the spot and send to your e-mail address for final approval.

Books for all your school and library needs.

Our products include:

  • Biographies K-12
  • Board Books
  • Easy Readers
  • Graphic Fiction & Non-Fiction
  • Juvenile Fiction
  • Non-Fiction K-12
  • Picture Books
  • Puppets and Plush Toys
  • Reference Materials K-12
  • Video and Audio products
  • YA Fiction
  • Opening Day Collections
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